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Fremont Teng; Loo Kang Wee

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Shut the Box, also called BlitzBakaratCanogaKlackersBatten Down the HatchesKingoballTrictracCut ThroatFork Your Neighbor, and Jackpot, is a game of dice for one or more players, commonly played in a group of two to four for stakes.


Step 1: Select a mode from the Combo Box

Golf – A player's score is the sum of the numbers remaining uncovered at the end of his turn. The player with the lowest score wins.
Missionary – A player's score is the total number (count) of the tiles remaining uncovered at the end of his turn. For example, a player scores 3 if at the end of his turn 3 tiles remain open. The player with the lowest score wins.
Unlucky Number 7 – A standard game, when a 7 is rolled, the game stops.
3 Down Extreme – numbers 1, 2 and 3 are pre dropped, leaving numbers 4 to 9 up.
Against all Odds – All odd numbers are up and evens down.
Even Stevens – All even numbers are up and odds down.
Thai style – Always roll two dice, but only cover one tile matching one of the dice or their sum. For example, if the dice show a 2 and a 3 you may cover one of 2, 3, or 5.
Digital – A player's score at the end of the turn is the number obtained by reading the up digits as a decimal number from left to right. For example, if 1, 2, and 5 are left up the score is 125.
2012 – All 12 are up, but use a 20-sided Dungeons and Dragons die rather than the pair of 6 dice: 20-sided die playing 12 numbers – 2012. 

Step 2: Roll the Dices

Keep rolling until you receive a gameover.
The game ends when both plays reach game end.
This will create a new game button and their scores will be carried over to the 
next round.

Other Information

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