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Software Requirements


Android iOS Windows MacOS
with best with Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome
support full-screen? Yes. Chrome/Opera No. Firefox/ Samsung Internet Not yet Yes Yes
cannot work on some mobile browser that don't understand JavaScript such as.....
cannot work on Internet Explorer 9 and below



Mara Jos Cano; Fremont Teng; Francisco Esquembre - Universidad Murcia; Loo Kang Wee

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers



Control Field Boxes

Adjusting the I field box will set the current through the two orange coil.
As the simulation is running, the magnetic field as shown in B field box will constantly change,
and the B field box however is not editable.

Toggling Full Screen

Double clicking anywhere in the panel will toggle full screen.
This won't work if the simulation is running.

Play/Pause and Reset Buttons

Plays/Pauses and resets the simulation respectively.






Other Resources


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