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Magnet passing through a Stationary Solenoid

This simulation shows how a magnet passing through a solenoid induces an electrical current. The current is measured by the amperimeter at the right bottom of the frame.

The magnet moves with constant velocity from right to left. When it reaches the leftmost side, it stops and reverses its direction. You need to click the 'play' button again for the simulation to contin



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Maria Jose Cano, Jose Miguel Zamarro, Ernesto Mart’n, and Francisco Esquembre - Universidad Murcia; Fremont Teng; Jose Miguel Zamarro; Ernesto Martin; Francisco Esquembre - Universidad Murcia; Loo Kang Wee

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Magnet μ Field Box

Setting the field box will set the strength of the magnet.

Magnet Speed Slider

Toggling this will set the speed of the magnet.

Coil Size Slider

Set the size of the coil.

Field Lines Check Box

Checking this will toggle the visibility of the field lines in the world.
The field lines are represented by the orange lines around the magnet.

Toggling Full Screen

Double clicking anywhere on the panel will toggle full screen
Note that this won't work if the simulation is running.

Play/Pause and Reset Buttons

Plays/Pauses and resets the simulation respectively.






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