Modelling With Physics Simulations KINEMATICS Part 1 of 3

These first workshop series may interest you and your school teachers, it is on modelling with simulations found here.

The following 2 of the three simulations are programmed with modeling with simulation pedagogical move.

Date/ Time
Upper Secondary + JC
41190/ 41188/ 41184
Part 1: 20 Jan 2016, 1430 - 1730,
Part 2: 17 Feb 2016, 1430 - 1730,
Part 3: 09 Mar 2016, 1430 - 1730
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Goals for workshop

  • Have teachers experience use of simulations 
  • Give flexible time for practice and “playing” with software 
  • Time for feedback, reflection, and some planning how to apply by the teachers 

rough agenda of workshop

  1. Intro – Gavin with team 
  2. 1 sample lesson of ~50 minutes – Dave with team 
  3. [tea break?] 
  4. Feedback from teachers on lesson/materials/etc. 
  5. Demo additional features of tools – Loo Kang with team 
  6. “Play” time for teachers to try things out 
  7. Reflection time 
    1. how to use in their own lessons 
    2. ideas for next workshops 

worksheet revisions

discussion points 
  1. The worksheet does not give adequate info on what the simulations are or what students should do with them. 
  2. We like some of the T/F questions present, but want to reduce number of them and make it more interactive with classmates. 
  3. Some of the motivating questions and introductory material could be adapted from existing Tracker resources. 
  4. Try to provide some info on how the present example could be extended for JC teachers to use 2D motion. 

  1. Loo Kang will do initial revision of what’s already drafted 
  2. Then Dave and Gavin look again 


  1. Dave will see if he can get some volunteers to do a demo lesson at school (maybe 15 Jan, afternoon) 
  2. Gavin will sit in if possible… if no volunteers, Gavin can pretend to be student

After Workshop Action

simulation are deemed suitable for JC, secondary and primary level simulations are required.
Secondary Kinematics or Moving Car 1D Model


Primary Kinematics or Moving Car 1D Model


Kinematics or Moving Car 1D Model