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\(parameters = array("topicname" => "04waves_13light",
 "modelname" => "ejss_model_light_cutout");

echo generateSimHTML(\)parameters, "EJSS");

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Light Shining Through Shape Cutouts Javascript HTML5 Applet

Initial state of the simulation
The link to the simulation can be found here.


This interactive simulation attempts to model light, emitted from a flashlight, as it passes through 3 shape cutouts: a circle, triangle and square. This model can be particularly helpful for students struggling to visualise the light rays mentally.  
Students are able to change various settings of the interactive in order to better comprehend how the light interacts and passes through the different cutouts. These variables include:
  • The opacity of the cutouts
  • The distance of the cutouts from the screen
  • The arrangement of the cutouts
  • The intensity of light from the torchlight
The interactive in progress

Hopefully, this simulation can suit the pedagogical needs of teachers, as well as facilitate the understanding of students in trying to comprehend the complexities of this system. 
The link to the simulation can be found here.



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