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Intro Page

Useful Variables:

- Coordinates of Paperclip, xPaperclip, yPaperclip, relative position south

- Coordinates of Sheet, xSheet, ySheet, relative position west

- Size of Sheet, xSizeS, ySizeS


- The string attached to the paperclip is already following the paperclip's coordinates

- Flipping of the magnet does nothing as it doesnt change anything in the actual experiment, just giving a variety

For Debugging:

TRmsg: "xSheet= "+_view._format(xSheet,"0.0")+"\nblockbymetal="+blockbymetal

TLmsg: "Type of Sheet [Iron, Wood, Plastic, Ceramic] = " + sheetType

BRmsg: "distance="+distance+"\nattractiveA="+attractiveA+"\nangle="+angle+"\nomega="+omega+"\ndx="+dx+"\ndy="+dy+"\ndistance2="+distance2

BLmsg: "thetao="+thetao+"\ntheta="+theta+"\nxPapercliptip="+xPapercliptip+"\nyPapercliptip="+yPapercliptip



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Software Requirements


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cannot work on some mobile browser that don't understand JavaScript such as.....
cannot work on Internet Explorer 9 and below



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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Initial Setup. This simulation allows the user to experiment with a sheet of different material to place it in between a magnet and a paperclip.
The view when an Iron sheet is placed in between the magnet and the paperclip. The paperclip will rotate downwards.


User may change the material of the sheet.




Magnets - Activity 1: The Floating Paper  Clip by Delta Science Modules


Riveting and Rotating Paperclip and Magnet



Other Resources


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